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Vote for people's top 50 most beautiful people award

People magazine is taking a vote about the top 50 most beautiful people in
america (*DON'T* make me HURL!). Do you find this as revolting as I do? Do you
despise the way hollywood's glamour and self-gratifying attitude are thrust at
the public as THE definition of beautiful? Do screeching baby rock stars
hurt your EYES as much as your ears (hanson, for example)?

S W E E T   R E V E N G E

Look no further, the internet can save the day. 

Go to the people magazine's vote page:


and put this in, exactly, as a write-in vote:

	Hank the Angry, Drunken Dwarf

So far, Hank's at around 30000+ votes, an order of magnitude over Leonardo
diCaprio. YES! Feel the power of the Internet at work. Pass this along.