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Neighbors remember serial killer as serial killer

DUNEDIN, FL -- In the wake of his capture Monday, serial killer
Eddie Lee Curtis is being recalled by neighbors as a serial killer. 
"He was kind of a murderous, insane, serial-killer type of fellow,"
said Will Rowell, 57, who lived next door to the man arrested for
the murder of 14 nurses in Florida and Georgia. "He sort of kept
to himself, killing nurses, having sex with their corpses, and then
burying the bodies in his backyard." Neighbor Peg Appleton agreed:
"I didn't know him that well, but he really seemed to hare nurses,
the way he was always dismembering them with power tools. I guess
you could say he fancied himself a serial killer."

(from The Onion http://www.theonion.com/)