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[Fwd: Unhappy customer]

This is funny. Sent to some of the debian mailing lists.


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Subject: 	Unhappy customer
Resent-Date: 	Mon, 22 Mar 2004 00:09:40 -0600 (CST), Mon, 22 Mar 2004
00:30:24 -0600
Resent-From: 	[email protected], [email protected]
Resent-To: 	[email protected]
Date: 	Mon, 22 Mar 2004 00:52:20 EST
From: 	[email protected]
To: 	[email protected]

I just snapped your debian Cd in two. Normally, i don't do such a thing,
but i felt it necessary since i have already waisted so much time just
"trying" to install your program. I bought it on eBay for kicks and
thought i'd play with it to see what it's about. It never let me in
after i installed it, more than 3 times. the login failed to recognize,
period. The i went to put red hat back on and it failed to let me
install that. yor program tookover my disk to the point of not allowing
an other OS install. I had to do a complete secure erase in order to put
red hat back on. But for kicks again later on, i decided to try your
product again and see where "I" went wrong. i got to sign in this time,
but then got left out in the cold because it would not allow me in
because of an email address that kept comming up. I never got to see
your program on screen or what's inside at all.

What is up with that? how hard is it people to make a simple disk to
work? Why don';t you guys take some good advise, if your going to sell a
PC OS, then do it and let the user make adjustments after it is
installed and not befroe or along the way, Each tiem took me over an
hour, but, i ended up spending 3-4 most of the time,a dn one time all
night long and failed. What is up with that? Can't you write a progam
that's simple? And, if i needed a server, i would buy a server package
and leave the OS stuff alone.

So, i snapped your CD, not because you may consider it a good thing, but
because my man hours are worth a lot more to me than to try and figure
out where someone else has gone wrong in making a Product for sale that
doesn't work. After all, if your product worked, it would be up and
running on my PC, and it's not. So, the only way for me to stop waisting
my time was to trash the CD so it is out of sight and soon to be out of
mind because i have a habbit of not giving up, breaking it insures i
willnot be waisting time again witgh it and for sure not ordering one to
see if it was "me" that went wrong. MOney spent is money spent, but time
is far more valuable thatn money ever was, and i don't need to spend any
time on a product from the dark ages. I regret that some people still
make products that are in the dark ages and think it's a good thing.
Model A's were good, for the time. Why drive a Model A now when you can
drive a Honda, for kicks, that all. See what i mean. But even my kicks
have a limit. Your product is junk.

Thougt you should know.