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[mob] Dense people

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From: Fearghas McKay <[email protected]>
Subject: Fwd: thick people

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Made me chuckle at the dumbness of our trans atlantic fiends

So someone I know works for a company that does property management for
stations. One of the managers has had to go to a meeting concerning Network
Rail being sued. Apparently a tourist family from ole US of A went to
Kings X
to get a photo taken between platforms 9 and 10 where there's a spiffy blue
plaque about the Hogwarts Express leaving from platform 9 3/4. So their son
grabs a trolley and runs straight at the wall with the predicatble result of
going arse over tit and doing himself an injury.

Predictably NW are being sued for not having a sign up saying that it's a
brick wall not the entrance to a fictional land.

When Bubba grows up and can do something even dumber, who reckons he's a
winner of the Darwin Awards?
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