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[mob] Killing ths Internet

While Microsoft, AOL, and other companies work hard to find ways of
killing the Internet by making email completely useless in their
attempts to stop spam, the federal government has come up with a plan to
outdo them all.

The bill essentially legalizes spam. Companies can spam you until you tell them to stop. Once you tell them to stop, many of these companies might sell your (now confirmed) email address to other companies who can spam you until you tell them to stop. Repeat this process hundreds of times until your inbox is stuffed full and you spend two days out of the week emailing 'stop spamming me' notices to companies.
There is no law that will stop spam. Outlaw it in the US and overseas
spamming companies will have a field day. Unfortunately our elected
representatives, clueless as usual about technology, have decided to
make people happy in the (very) short term and pass this bill as a PR