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[mob] Something to do this summer..

Emory University is holding another session of the FPA's Great Decisions 2003 course. It's an evening course that meets weekly for eight weeks to talk about foreign policy issues that affect us. The current topics are unilateralism vs. multilateralism, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, international food policy (food aid, GM crops, etc), China, European integration, and women's/human rights. The June session just started at the World Trade Center downtown, but the session on campus at Emory begins July 1. I was in the session that just finished this week, and it was so good I'm going to do it again in July.

The sessions are nonpartisan and you have the opportunity to meet and ask questions of various guests including consular officers and ambassadors. The sessions are very interesting and a lot of fun.

For more information, go here: http://www.i-i-f.org/schedule.htm and scroll to the bottom. You can find more information about the Great Decisions program at http://www.fpa.org/info-url_nocat2402/info-url_nocat.htm

If anyone is interested, the International Issues Forum is talking about Iran this week. The above URL also gives information on that session. IIF is an informal nonpartisan group that meets every Thursday to talk about various world issues.