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Re: [mob] Hugh Fowke

Robbie Honerkamp wrote:
I'll post more news after I get back from the hospital.
I'm back.

The doctors think Hugh had a stroke caused by improper blood clotting. He seems to be doing incredibly well considering the circumstances. He was sitting in a chair eating lunch when I was there. He's a little slow mentally from all the medicine they've got him on, but he's still all there. His parents are there and his mother (an ex-nurse) is taking good care of him.
He expects to be leaving the hospital soon and said that he's already
set up to begin physical therapy soon.
If you want to visit, it's pretty easy. He's at Northside Hospital at
1000 Johnson Ferry Road (across from Scottish Rite Hospital near GA 400
and I-285) on the 4th floor, room 462 in the intensive care unit. The
nurses are very casual about visitors, so you should be able to walk
right in- they're not keeping out non-family members at all.
His room phone (which may not work yet) is 404-459-1462 and the patient
information line is 404-851-8785.