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[mob] Hugh Fowke- update

Hugh is now at Emory University's Rehabilitation Medicine center on the
Emory campus. Their website (with address, phone number, etc) is 
http://www.emory.edu/WHSC/MED/REHAB/ . 

He's doing well considering what he's been through. I've learned more
about what happened. He was taken to North Fulton hospital after the
accident with multiple compound fractures of his right leg.
Unfortunately one of the doctors there refused to give him the correct
amount of Hugh's normal medicine (Hugh has to take hydrocortisone
regularly) and Hugh had a stroke. 

His leg is healing well- the rehab folks had him putting weight on it
this past weekend. His big problem is recovering functionality after the

It is very easy to visit the rehab center (call first to check on the
visiting hours) and Hugh likes seeing visitors, so if you can please
stop in and say hello. I believe he can also get phonecalls- the main
number for the rehab center is 404-712-5507. They should be able to
patch you through to his room if he's availible.