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Subject: theregister: Woman jump starts car with cyber-infant
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Woman jump starts car with cyber-infant
By Lester Haines
Posted: 03/12/2002 at 12:02 GMT

A London woman used her own one-year-old infant to jump start her
Ford Focus after the voracious rugrat ate the coded radio transponder
from the car's keys, the Telegraph reports.

Mum Amanda Webster, 34, called in the RAC when the car refused to
start during a shopping trip. Patrolman Keith Scott was initially
baffled until he realised that part of the Focus's key was missing
- namely the small coded security chip device without which the
vehicle would remain resolutely immobilised.

The finger of suspicion quickly pointed at little Oscar Webster,
who had been playing with the keys shortly before. Mercifully, just
when a major surgical procedure looked inevitable for the miscreant
toddler, Mr Scott had a flash of inspiration.

By pressing the unfortunate Oscar hard against the steering wheel
while turning the key, Mrs Webster sucessfully brought the Focus
back to life. As for the transponder, it was later recovered in a
presumably hugely distasteful rescue operation. Both mother and son
are reported well.