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[mob] Anyone like scotch?

The Toco Hills Giant Package Store is having a single malt
scotch tasting dinner. I'm going. If anyone else wants to
go, here's information on the tasting and how to buy a ticket.

Single Malt Scotch Tasting

September 19, 2002 at 7pm

at Violette Restaraunt
2948 Clairmont Road

Macallan 12 year
Macallan Cask Strength
Macallan Gran Reserve
Macallan 18 Year
Highland Park 12 year
Highland Park 18 year

Guest speaker: Mark Izatt, Macallan Brand Manager

$25/person (dinner included)
Space is extremely limited
For tickets or more info, contact Steve at 404-320-1903

Scotch info:

-Macallan 12 year: Mahogany colour with a full, slightly 
sweet nose of toffee, ginger and dried fruits accompanied 
by sherry and cloves.

-Macallan Gran Reserve: Fiery red mahogany in colour with 
a very spicy nose and hints of vanilla. Dark and complex 
in character.

-Macallan 18 year: The most popular among single malt 
drinkers. Honeyed, wine-like sweetness in the aroma with 
hints of citrus dried fruits and an assertive sherry nose.

-Highland Park 12 year: Amber. Nose; smokey, 'garden bonfire' 
sweetness, heathery, malty, hint of sherry. Medium body, 
exceptionally smooth. Succulent palate, with smokey dryness, 
heather-honey sweetness, and maltiness.

-Highland Park 18 year: Burnished gold colour. Nose:
Warm aroma, honey, polished oak, fresh, oak, sap, peat. Palate:
Honey, vanilla and tobacco. Finish:
Drying in lightly spicy, fresh finish (cinnamon, ginger) 
with a splash of water some smokiness emerges

-Bunnahabhain: 12 Year Old Islay, 40% vol. Amber. A delicate 
nose, misty; starts simple, becomes more (straight) complex. 
The first impression is of drifting smoke, which passes, to 
be replaced by clean, fruit-associated scents of nectarines, 
rum-toft and oil of orange. (dilute) With water, the fruit 
scents become estery and the smoke takes on a burnt match note 
(or the sandpaper striker on a box of matches). Faint hint of rubber.  
The mouthfeel is delicate, drying and mouth-cooling. The 
overall effect is refreshing. This comes from a distinct minty-toffee 
flavour, with some smoke in the finish. After time the smoke 
vanishes altogether and aromas reduce to almost nothing.

-Tamdhu: This is a soft, medium weight, Malt. It yields a 
little sweetness and is very mellow.