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[mob] Fwd: [!CrackMonkey!] It's not a bug

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Subject: [!CrackMonkey!] It's not a bug
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 10:32:45 -0700

> FUN FACT: While testing the game, Bill came across a bug: every now
> and then, the game would, seemingly at random, hyperspace you. He
> and his boss, Mike Minkoff, went over the code with a fine-tooth
> comb before realizing what the problem was: the Intellivision hand
> controllers  encode button presses in such a way that an action
> (side) key pressed at the same time as particular directions on the
> disc will be interpreted instead as a numeric key being pressed.
> There was no software way around this; shooting while moving would
> occasionally be interpreted as pressing 9 -- the hyperspace button.
> After several days of puzzling over a solution, the bug was
> ultimately "fixed" by including the following note in the
> instruction manual:
> "Every once in a while, your space hunter will move near a 'black
> hole,' and the computer will automatically put him into HYPERSPACE.
> This will cost you the same number of points as if you had pressed
> the HYPERSPACE key yourself. On the other hand, it will save your
> hunter."
> This led to an axiom frequently heard around Mattel: If you document
> it, it's not a bug -- it's a feature . Anytime a game in development
> crashed -- no matter how badly or bizarrely -- witnesses would
> invariably turn to the frustrated programmer, shrug, and calmly say
> "document it."

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