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Fwd: Old Bush Joke in Brow-Beat

I love misdirected flame mail from idiots, and I love how this guy
makes an issue of being a Mensa member. 


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From: "John Orosz" <[email protected]>
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Subject: Old Bush Joke in Brow-Beat
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 11:11:38 -0500

I happened upon an old edition of Browbeat and noticed your "joke" about Bush....Sum Dum Goy

It is in extremely poor taste as it implies that Goyim are.....generally not intelligent -Which I find
offensive as I am not Jewish..  But, I am a Mensan...

The obvious assumption that Jews are more intelligent than others
is absurd and fostering such a notion only creates acrimony and separates us on the basis of nationality and religion.
Not a very good end product for someone who is supposed to be intelligent (you).  

I perceive you as an obnoxious ingrate who needs better manners.

Not respecting our President ( Who currently has the highest acceptance rating of any president) is self defeating  
for you as a citizen of this great republic and disrespectful to the office.
I felt shame for you when I read the joke. I feel shame that Mensa has such morons in its ranks.

Now, I'm sure you are not as nit-witty as I perceive you to be on the basis of one bad attempt
at some light humor.  Please try to be a bit more sensitive and positive.  There are many fine jokes
that do not depend on putting someone down that will draw a laugh. Particularly, not our fine president.

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