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If you're looking for really bad movies..

Here are two recommendations..

"Knock Off", 1998
Starring Jean-Claude van Damme and Rob Schneider.

They're showing it on one of the movie channels here in Lagos,
which is the only reason I saw it. Words cannot describe just
how bad it is. Rob Schneider starring as a CIA agent in an 
'action/thriller' movie is probably all the description you need.

Another really bad movie being shown here a lot is some 
'computer hacker-thriller' movie with John Travolta in it.
I've made three attempts so far to watch the whole thing but
I keep having to turn it off part way through (right around
the part where ace uber-hacker 'Torvalds' is intercepted
flying into the US from Finland....) I don't know the name of
it (they're showing a pirated copy of the film here, so the
opening credits are cut out), but it looks fairly recent.