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Crashing MIR Space Station Detecto-Hat


Crashing MIR Space Station Detecto-Hat

The latest news from NASA, TASS, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, not to mention the Cartoon Network, is that the Russian Space Station MIR has outlived its uselessness and is preparing to crash to earth in a mass of flaming debris.That flaming debris may,or may not, fall on your head!

We are offering, here on eBay, for a limited time, the one, the only, Crashing MIR Space Station Detecto Hat. Made of the best stainless steel double-handled colander five dollars could buy and a modicum of ultra-high quality aluminum foil, this Detecto-Hat is GUARANTEED to alert you exactly one nanosecond before it hits that some of the aforementioned "flaming debris" is about to land on you! This is achieved by the use of the high tech retractable "multi-faceted bristle-antenna" we like to call a bottle brush.

This Detecto-hat is uni sex and, as our highly-paid, and frightened models show, can be worn by anyone. One size fits all. Don't forget your pet! Our test-model Hershey is protected....shouldn't YOUR dog? Be the first in your neighborhood to sport not only a phenomenal personal protective device, but a multi-use kitchen tool when the danger of an ineveitable result of our highly-technological world has abated. Endorsed by the PPWR (Personally Paranoid Without Reason) and other organizations which are too numerous to mention. Measuring a full 12 inches tall (antenna retracted) it will afford you the protection you need at an amazingly low price. With the antenna fully extended (for maximum protection) the full height is whopping 14"!

(it sold for $60.99)