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A spammer gets nailed

Benchmark Print Supply is in Atlanta, and is one of the more annoying
spammers out there. It's good to see them get nailed.



SPAM WAR VICTORY FOR BIBLIOTECH - The Register 3/29/2000 by Sean Fleming

Spambusting London-based Internet outfit BiblioTech has chalked up a 
major victory in the war against junk email.

It has taken on and beaten US spam supremo Sam Khuri - the man behind 
bulk spamming company Benchmark Print Supply - in the US.

Khuri has to pay BiblioTech an undisclosed sum in damages and will 
have to pay $1000 to any individual affected by future spamming 
activities. He also faces a bill for legal costs. The scope of the 
ruling extends beyond BiblioTech and encompasses "all Internet users 
and service providers", according to today's Financial Times.