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Housecleaning: Free computers and computer-stuff!

It's that time again- I'm cleaning out my computer room yet again
and passing the savings (100% off!) to you! This stuff is all free
and is first come, first serve.

I have several HP9000-3xx series computers (and parts- hard drives,
tape drives, monitors, keyboards, mice, software, etc..) that I'd
like to see disappear from the apartment. They run HP/UX up through
9.03 (that's Unix, folks). All of them have Ethernet connectors, 
some have SCSI cards. One of them comes preconfigured in it's own
mini rack. These systems are ready to boot- all are in working 
condition. I've got copies of HP/UX for them along with some other

I also have a Sun SparcStation ELC workstation up for grabs. It includes
an (empty) shoebox for hard drives, keyboard, optical mouse, and cables,
but no memory. The ELC, for those who don't know, is a single-piece
computer. The monitor has the motherboard attached to it on the back.
The video is grayscale.

Other items:

-Printer stand. Your typical fake wood stand, in very good condition.

-24-pin dot matrix printer. Panasonic KXP.

-Apple Laserwriter IInt printer- works fine, but needs it's 
 rollers cleaned

-Apple IIc computer with monitor and extra floppy drives

-Apple ImageWriter II dot matrix printer

-Macintosh SE.

-_Large_ pile of manuals- Unisys Unix manuals, Data General Unix
 manuals, Apple and Macintosh manuals, old O'Reillys...

-Several boxes of dot matrix printer paper.

-Commodore 64 computer monitor- this is being held for Levien, who
 should come get it as soon as possible.. :-)

-Two boxes of 9-track tapes. You never know when you'll need them 

-Various AT-style computer cases.

-(possibly) AT&T Unix PC systems. I won't know if I still have any of
 these until I reach the back of the closet.. :-)

-Hard drives- 620mb 5.25" full height SCSI.

-14" Television with remote.

-Various, random computer motherboards, cases, parts, etc.. and whatever
 else I run across during the day.

This stuff is free, first come first serve. I'd really like to see it
all disappear today if possible.

Reply to my email address if you're interested and indicate how soon 
you can come get it. I live in Midtown.