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Geek stuff for sale


I'm cleaning house! I have some fun stuff for sale:

Dell 366Mhz laptop, 128MB RAM, 3.2 Gig HD, 14" screen, CD-ROM, floppy,
carrying case, etc. - $700

Dell Dual Pentium III 500 Desktop Workstation, 256MB RAM, 12 Gig HD, Video
Card, ethernet, sound, etc. - $800

Wacom Intuos 9x12 Drawing Tablet, unopened box (with warranty). For PC (not
Macintosh). Comes with stylus & 4D Mouse. New, $459. This thing is cool as
hell but I'll never use it. - $300

Peavey Classic 50 2x12 all-tube guitar amp. Tweed cover, great condition,
sounds beautiful. $300

e-mail [email protected] if you're interested in any of this stuff.

- jason