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PARTY: 10th Mob summer party

Some of you may not have recieved a printed invitation in the
mail (we don't have everyone's current address). So, if you're
reading this, please come to the party. And please let us know
if you're able to make it (or if you won't be able to come)
so we know how many guests to plan for.



Robbie and Heather Honerkamp invite you to
the 10th Annual Mob Summer Party
on 8 July 2000 at 7:30pm
at Robbie and Heather's Place
        500 Northside Circle
        Apartment L-2   
        Atlanta, GA

This year's theme is Hawaii night, so please wear your loudest
Hawaiian shirt and come ready to sample tropical punch and wings.

[email protected]  404-786-2232

Take I-75 to the Northside Drive exit. It is one exit north of the
10th/14th street exit. If you are coming from the north, turn right
onto Northside Drive. if you are coming from the south, turn left onto 
Northside Drive. You will pass the intersection of Bellmede and  
Northside. Soon after, make a left onto Northside Circle. Go all 
the way down the road and you will dead end into Hartford Place
apartments. Turn right into the apartment complex and continue 
towards the back. The apartment is L-2 and it will be on your left
on the second floor.