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GEEKS: ADMIN: List archive update

The GEEKS mailing list archive is about to be updated. Right now it's missing
tons of postings to the list since 1996. The list of member websites is also
very out of date. Please help me out:

1) If you want your homepage listed on the member homepage listing, please
send me your name and URL. If you're already listed but need to update your
URL, please send me the updated information.

2) Please post to the GEEKS list! We've gone several months without a post!

3) If you're looking for general, unmoderated geek discussion (as the GEEKS
list used to be when it was first started), subscribe to geektalk. Mail to
[email protected] a message containing 'subscribe geektalk'.

4) The archive has also moved to a new URL. This lets me update the list archive
automatically as new postings come in. If you've linked to the archives, please
change your links to point to http://www.shorty.com/lists/geeks/ .


Robbie Honerkamp
Mailing List Grand PooBah
[email protected]