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DATACENTER: Patch Panels

Long shot here....I was in Abovenets DC space and noticed the patch panels,
I THOUGHT they were from a company called "crone"...these are the patch
panels on the top of all the customer racks and are brought back to that
funky cross connect system they have which is made by the same company....

Here are the questions:
1) Can anyone identify the company who makes this system they are using, I
called the NOC there and confirmed that both the patch panels and punchdowns
are of the same brand ("Crone"). Perhaps I am not spelling it correctly...or
its just really obscure...I can't find any info about them anywhere...

2) Why are they using that cross connect system for the cables once they
come back to their MDFs? Is this for Flexibility? Performance? Neatness? I
imagine that most their handoff is Ethernet so they would use just straight
patch cords...but I suppose this is easier to maintain if you have skilled
people doing the punches...and easier to troublshoot...


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