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Is there NEBS standard data online somewhere or do you have
to pay for it like Bellcore data? I suspect the latter, just
checking. :-)

I do have a specific question though, and I'm very concerned,
mostly for my safety. :)

In the company I am now doing buildout and implementation in
has done some "weird" stuff. Maybe not weird, I only know one
way to do it so I'm trying to be open minded... but..
< i built out about 7 Level 3 gateways...and they were anal>

They have placed AC power "bus" bar on the DC/low voltage 
tray uninsulated from it. I.e. A metal strip the length of
the tray over the cabinets bolted it with no rubber insulator
between the bus and the tray. Also, all the ground taps aren't
covered with the usual black encasing and there's exposed 
copper there and on the ground bar to structure. Not being 
an electrician, but a little versed in DC, I'm sort of worried.

Any opinions or data points someone can shoot at me so I can
make a stink, or accept it, intelligently?

I'll be happy to summarize any private responses.