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Re: DATACENTER: Serial console concentrator/server

[ On Saturday, November 6, 1999 at 19:26:34 (-0800), Jeff Mayzurk wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: DATACENTER: Serial console concentrator/server
> The ones we have are older, mostly PM-2E-30s. They work fine, and they're 
> relatively inexpensive, but I'd love to find something that has RJ45 jacks 
> instead of DB25 or DB9.

Personally I'm in console terminal server heaven because I happened
across a couple of big DEChub900's for my home network and they just
happened to have a bunch of DECserver90TL 8-port terminal servers
attached (along with lots of 10baseT and FDDI network gear), as well as
one 32-port DECserver900TM, which all have RJ-45's (er, MJ8's).  They
also do the 'telnet conserver 20xx' (reverse telnet) trick to connect
outbound to the serial port.  I suspect these are way over-priced
per-port from other systems but I can't look a gift horse in the mouth! ;-)
Now if I had a flash card for the 900TM then I wouldn't have to have a
boot server running before accessing the other consoles....

I don't know if they send a break when power cycled or not, but I've got
them on a UPS and have never had to test this aspect.

Other than what I have my preference would be first Xylogics(Bay) and
then perhaps Portmasters.

No matter what you have to wire up special connectors to avoid modem
control issues and be sure to program the ports properly too.

							Greg A. Woods

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