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Re: DATACENTER: Raised floor installer/supplier in Western Canada

Should be able to get a general contractor to handle it for you.
I don't know anyone in CA, but you could see if they have a Tischman, CA.



Martin Hannigan                         [email protected]
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On Thu, 6 May 1999, Joseph Chin wrote:

> hi folks,
> I am looking for raised floor installers or suppliers that provide their
> services or products in Western Canada, particularly in Vancouver. I am
> overseeing the construction of a small data (300 sq. feet) centre for a
> customer and I would like to put in a 6-12" raised floor. A few of my other
> clients have raised floors in their data centres, but none can tell me who
> installed them (i.e. legacy stuff ;)!
> Regards,
> Joe