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RE: DATACENTER: Making LOTS of custom patch cables.

Hi Jeff,

What kind of troubles? I have always felt it is so easy to build a 
cable and it looks neat this is the best way to go. My experience has
found that the volume of changes after the initial install is done 
are minimum. Adds should be easy. Deletes? Does anyone really take
cables out anymore? :-)

Disclaimer; I'm thinking telco centric data cabling, so my experience
may not be reflective of a raw data center. 

PS: I don't allow tie wraps either. #14 Wax lacing baby! Boo yeah!



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On Mon, 17 May 1999, David Greer wrote:

> Jeff,
> I am going to have to disagree with Marty and you on this one.  I have found
> that using custom lengths on patch panels while looking nice, can lead to
> management headaches especially when terminating very many.  If you must use
> really short cables do yourself a favor and call a vendor and arrange a bulk
> order of a couple lengths that should fix the affordability factor.  As
> always order at least 50% more than you envision using as you will be wrong.
> I have found that using 2, 4, and 6 foot cable is about the usual for most
> rack setups.  Personally though we just use 8 footers.  There is plenty of
> extra cable laying around
> but its ugliness is made up by its ease of use and a locked door.
> One thing that can help.  If you are running multiple data outlets to each
> are don't segragate all the D1's in one place, and all the D2's in another.
> Run the matching D1 & D2 jacks side by side your cable plant will look much
> nicer.
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> > This summer and fall, we are going to be upgrading our entire network to
> > 100MB to the desktop. As a part of this upgrade we are going to be
> > redoing existing patch panels and installing entirely new ones. To keep
> > things looking nice, we want to cut each patch cable to the exact length
> > required. We find that our cabinets look a LOT nicer if there are no
> > loops of slack cable laying around.
> >
> > There are a couple of us that are relatively proficient in making patch
> > cables with the standard pliers-type crimpers. However, as fast as we
> > are it's still going to be a very tedious job. So to speed things up we
> > are hoping to find some sort of machine that can make up patch cables
> > faster than we can by hand.  We're willing to spend up to US$10,000 or
> > so on a solution.
> >
> > Can anyone recommend products that will solve our problem?
> >
> > Jeff
> >