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Re: DATACENTER: Making LOTS of custom patch cables.

David Greer wrote:
> Well we for one are pretty strict about pulling unused cables from service.
> Also try tracing a wire that has no slack through a bundle of 50 to 100.
> Also the real tight ones are much more likely to have the ends pulled off or
> at least away from the conecntrator.

Well, obviously (I hope) I would leave enough slack so that ends pulling
out would not be a problem.  I just don't want loops of them hanging all

> Plus as someone else pointed out you
> never end up having the proper length on hand.

> And my network personnel are
> way to busy to be fussing with a handmade cable every time we have a new
> user comes up.

During normal periods, we have plenty of time to cut a custom patch
cable since it would be done by the same guy that installed the
horizontal run from the closet to the cubicle. I've gotten good enough
that I can make a patch cable in 4-5 minutes if I don't have to hunt
down the cable.

> Cabling though, like protocols boils down to a religious war.

Yeah, I guess so.  And I guess that we tend to be neat freaks when it
comes to our cabling.  Is there a religion for neat freaks?