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Re: DATACENTER: quick question


>From my experience in large financial institution data centers and from
doing live concert lighting for a few years, I can explain it to you.

3 phase power is really three "legs" in parallel with the electricity on
each being 120 degrees out of phase with the others.  All you really need
to know in your case is that the 5 wires (yes, 3 phase requires 5)
carrying your feed will provide (3) 3000 amp @ 480VAC circuits.  For data
center applications the electricans (through the use of switchgear) will
just quasi-distribute the load across the legs, since if you connect the
legs together you'll get a voltage greater than 480.  For mechanical
applications (pumps, etc.) the equipment gets fed all 3 legs to its
windings for high-efficiency and high-load motors.