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Re: DATACENTER: quick question

On Sun, Mar 14, 1999 at 12:51:27PM -0800, Shawn Blosser wrote:
> One more quick thing. If I do have 3000 amps @ 480volts 3-phase, How
> much power can I get out of that circuit (in watts)? Does the standard
> relationship p=va work here?
> If so I would have 1.4Mwatts (or 1400kVA)? Does the 3-phase add
> something to the equation?

It worries me sometimes when I see people asking questions about megawatts.
It does :)

Anyhow, from my understanding, the point of 3-phase (one of 'em
anyhow) is that each pair of wires carries ~250V and each has its
own loading. It is important for god-know-what reasons to try to
take the same current off each phase. A professional at this point
could talk confidently about power factors etc.

Anyways, that is 3 x 250 x whatever = big. I guess it depends if your
3,000 amp rating is 3 x 1,000 per phase or 3,000 per phase. Either way,
my personal thoughts are that if you are messing with that much current,
get a professional :)

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