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Re: DATACENTER: quick question

On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Bob Vaughan wrote:

> If you simply tie 2 phases together, without a load in-between, you will get
> fireworks (or not, depending on how solid the connection is.)

Not so.  You can (assuming the lines are in phase) connect two sources
together without fireworks.  We used to use a neat kludge device where 3o
wasn't available in the venue.  It was 3 20A male Edison connectors to a
junction box to 1 30A 3o twistlock outlet.  We would find 3 separate
circuits, plug the males in, and bingo.  Mind you none of our equipment
actually used more than 1o anyway, we simply wired the power distribution
panels for 3o input because venues usually have a breaker box to tie leads
into or a Camlok panel.