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Re: DATACENTER: quick question

Actually, a more important reason is safety and reliability.  The most
I've ever worked with regarding lighting (this was for some
nationally-recognized bands) is 600A/phase.  If we pulled 600A off of
black (the first leg), you're stressing that conductor as well as
setting up fields between that and the other conductors around it. 
Running everything balanced cancels out the huge amounts of EMF
generated.  With Camlok equipment everything is portable, which means
the equipment and wiring is not hardwired in.  The main cables from the
tap to the power distribution road cases are welding cable around the
4/0 gauge range with thick oil and water resistant insulation.  With
those cables coiled up neatly on the floor and pulling unbalanced loads
they literally vibrate and hum.  It's like a huge transformer.


scott w wrote:

> To keep the loads balanced.  Also, the more unbalanced the loads on
> each phase, the more power you pay for and waste.