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Re: DATACENTER: Remote Power Cycling

I like APC's MasterSwitch.  Web interface, SNMP support, telnet and
serial access.  I think that it only handles 15 or 20 amps though...

see http://www.apcc.com/english/prods/acsry/mster/


Susan L. Collicott ([email protected]) wrote:
> Anyone have reccomendations for remote power cycling setups? I've got some
> small, unmanned remote sites that I'd like to be able to power cycle a
> router in once in a while.
> I know of the AutoPAL, LynxSwitch, BayTech's remote power system, WTI's
> RPB+, Sentry International, etc.
> Any favorites? Any to avoid? Suggestions?  
> Thanks,
> Susan Collicott
> (not an employee of serv.net)