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DATACENTER: Pictures of practical, neat, and scalable cable systems

Last weekend New York Times Magazine had the standard picture of
an Amazon.COM executive peering through a spaghetti of cables in their
computer room.  At the opposite end of the spectrum, various cable
vendors have beautifully photographed cable systems in their catalogs,
not actually connected to anything.  Most of the stock photos of
computer rooms I've found look like they were shot in the 1960's by
IBM.  At least every picture seems to feature some piece of ancient
hardware, with the IBM logo prominently displayed.

I would like to find some pictures of a happy medium.  Some examples
of "real" cabling in a small, medium, and large data center which people
are proud enough to let me use (or take my own) sanitized pictures.  I
would prefer pictures of a known heritage, in case releases are needed.
No midnight pictures of MAE-East racks, with the Cisco logo prominently