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Re: DATACENTER: Pictures of practical, neat, and scalable cablesystems

Yes, keeping things neat can be quite a challenge.

I think the problem for (at least) ISP data centers (and I imagine there
is some ISP's on this list) is that you often don't know what equipment
will be in there when building/planning it. The technology is just
moving too fast to be able to do that. 

Even when using equipment by the same vendor - e.g. Cisco. Compare the
7505 to a 7507. 7505 mounts fairly well on a single frame rack and the
plane where all the cables go into is flush with the rack. 7507 is much
bigger, and the cards are in a niche which makes neat cabling more
complicated. In fact mounting a 7507 on single frame rack is perhaps not
a good idea, especially in seismically unstable areas... So how do you
plan for that if your network engineers haven't decided one way or the
other yet?


Jack Deegan wrote:
> We have a 10kft2 data center which we keep looking pretty good (like an ad
> from a cable mfr).  A lot of the motivation is that it is only two years
> old.  Another is that we are growing so fast that we can't afford confusion
> about what wires do what. Of course investors tour the facility as well.