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Re: DATACENTER: Pictures of practical, neat, and scalable cablesystems

> yeah, if you're running a datacenter and you don't have catalogs from Great
> Lakes and/or Chatsworth products on your shelf, you shouldn't be running a
> data center.

I used to really like the Great Lakes cabinets.  Until, that is, I
found Vero.  If you're looking for cabinets, I suggest you have a
look at Vero Electronics offerings.  IMHO, they're less expensive
and better than Great Lakes (not to mention better looking).  I
first ran into one of their salesmen at Comnet.

Their web site used to be at http://www.vero-usa.com/.  However, it
looks like some or all of Vero was absorbed by APW.  I don't see
their cabinets listed on the new web site, but I'd suggest calling
your local rep and seeing if they still sell them.