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Re: [datacenter] DC in Emeryville/Berkeley/Oakland

Does anyone have contacts to a Level3 Bay Area sales.  I've been
waiting for a couple days for them to respond to my voicemail.


On 7/4/07, David Ulevitch <[email protected]> wrote:
Matthew Zito wrote:
> There's an isp-colo mailing list
> (http://isp-lists.isp-planet.com/isp-colo/0403/index.html) that's
> considerably more active that may prove more fruitful for these type of
> inquiries.

We're here on this list...

Never heard of evocative, but...

Unwired LTD (via 365Main possibly)
...all have sites in that area... I'm sure there are a couple more.

Oh wait, Evocative is what used to be called EmeryTech, I think.


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