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[datacenter] good hvac/power systems introduction

Hi all,
  I'm a datacenter technician who increasingly interacts with core
datacenter infrastructure systems (HVAC, power, leased lines), and I'm
feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I work mostly with computer systems, and
I'm not at all familiar with how these kinds of systems are designed,
or even... work.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good references on getting up to
speed with how these are set up?  The differences between successive
generations of datacenters?  How power distribution systems are
designed & analyzed. UPS, generators and power conditioning... Basically, I'm trying to figure out how these systems work so that
when something other than normal operation occurs, I can be more
informed as to what's wrong and where to go to fix it.

Thanks a lot for any feedback/info you can give.

--Mike Huber

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