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[datacenter] Understanding power billing

Hi all,

Hope this list is still active...

I'm working on a VERY small in-house "ghetto co-lo" setup. So far, so good, but one thing I'm stuck on is figuring out our actual power costs so that I can give management some numbers along the lines of "this server consumes 120 Watts, which costs us $X/month".

Any pointers to how kilowatt/hour billing is calculated? I was looking at our power bill and it's pretty complicated. We get billed a certain amount at $X/kw/h, and then after a certain amount of usage $Y/kw/h. I don't mind just averaging that, as all I really need is an approximate cost.

Any input, STFW, etc. appreciated. :)


Charles Sprickman
Bway.net - New York's Best Internet - www.bway.net
[email protected] - 212.655.9344

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