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Re: [datacenter] Flywheel ups

Also, a flywheel failure can be much more spectacular than a battery


Deepak Jain wrote:
> You probably also realize that the maintenance (lubrication, bearings, 
> etc) on a flywheel easily exceed the amount of maintenance on a sealed 
> battery system.
> The difference (mainly) is that you have relatively uniform maintenance 
> costs instead of the jagged-saw tooth (with battery replacement) that 
> UPS systems have.
> Deepak Jain
> Krzysztof Adamski wrote:
>> I'm starting to design a new 1000sqf datacenter in a building that has
>> reliable generator backup. So I will only need about 10-15 mins of UPS
>> power (if the generator won't start in that time, it won't start for a
>> long time :-). I will only need AC power.
>> I was wondering what peoples opinion was of the flywheel type UPS?
>> The plus I see is that there is no battery bank to worry about.
>> K

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