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Re: [datacenter] 1/3rd colo cabinets (was Ping)

> Ok, now that I know everyone is alive :)
> I'm looking for a full height enclosure divided into 1/3rds.  I was using
> Bud Industries enclosures but the square holes punched into the rails do not
> fit Compaq and Dell type rails.  Black is preferred.  Any suggestions on new
> or used?  Thanks a bunch!
> Regards,
> Christopher J. Wolff, VP, CIO
> Broadband Laboratories
> http://www.bblabs.com

Try MetalTech. I don't have their info available, but they're
in Michigan IIRC. I don't know how many racks you buy, but you may
consider calling Bud and asking for a custom solution. Most 
cabinet companies I've dealt with can handle custom stuff and
a lot of the time not really charge for the development of the


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