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[datacenter] Standards? was Re: [datacenter] peak capacity ...

How did you guys did that? I'm very far from the states 
and the day of building datacenters is ... today

I've been asked to document all infrastructure 
requirements needed for a datacenter from a simple EIA 
RS-310 standard for rack hole to security measures 
outside the building and everything in the middle.

Recommendations,standards,best-practices are dispersed 
everywhere on the web and vendors of course talks only 
about a single topic and biased toward their products.

The only document I've been able to find is one that 
cames from Sun Microsystems. Did nobody else documented 
it? Do you know any other documentation something like 
Guidelines for building a datacenter.

Is it possible to get a specification like "every 
square foot must be provided with xxx Amps, xxx BTU's, 
xxx electrical connections, xxx RJ-45 ...."


Quoting Martin Hannigan <[email protected]>:
> The name of the list list is Datacenter. :) You're not
> off topic, but during the hey days of yesteryear, we 
> all building thousand(s) of square foot data centers 
> some of us, me, are still thinking like that. :)

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