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Re: [datacenter] supplies

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003, Josh Richards wrote:

> * Charles Sprickman <[email protected]> [20030207 17:15]:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Just curious if anyone knows of a good source of some of the more mundane
> > "datacenter supplies", such as velcro wraps, plastic ties, waxed-ties,
> > cable labels and the like.  Especially someone that will deal in smallish
> > quantities.  Warehouse.com and the like have this stuff (hell, so does Rat
> > Shack), but I'm looking for some decent prices on small quantities.
> Besides the usual channels (Anixter, Greybar, etc.) for some of the
> smaller stuff (and some oddball telco specific stuff) I've found
> www.sandman.com useful and cheap.  They're target market seems to be telco
> lineman and associated so they're great for small quantities of that sort
> of stuff.

And, he even sells a $750 toilet seat!


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