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RE: [datacenter] Number of cables per conduit

Since you are running headlong into the National Electric Code with wiring
run in conduit, the guiding sections are in the NEC as to conduit fill.
Considering the numbers of conductors you are considering, if it's more than
2m the total cross-sectional areas of all conductors in a conduit can't be
more than the cross-sectional area of the inside diameter of the conduit,
grounding conductors included.  A little math should give you the answers
you need.  Look in the NEC in Chapter 9, Table 4 for diameters and
recognized cross-sectional areas for a start.  Then go to your cable
manufacturer's published data on its cables to find the areas or diameters
of what you are trying to stuff into them.  Apply the math and, voila ---
you have the answer.

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Does anyone know of a web site that would indicate the number of Cat5E
cables (or any cable of a given diameter) that can be installed in
various sizes of conduit (3/4", 1", 1.25", 1.5", 2") with two or three
90deg bends?

I'm assuming that the 90deg bends are at the proper radius (whatever the
proper radius is for each size of conduit).


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