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RE: [datacenter] Waterproofing Recommendation

At a datacenter/managed services company I worked at, our facilities guy
came up with a rather creative way to deal with pipe leaks overhead. He
contacted a local marine upholsterer, and had them custom-fabricate
waterproof sleeves for all the pipes overhead. Those then drained into
the AC condensation overflow trays (which we monitored for excess
drainage). That way, we'd get a more manageable announcement that a pipe
was leaking.


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> Subject: [datacenter] Waterproofing Recommendation
> Hello Friends,
> I am looking for options on dealing with the issue to
> safeguard the power distribution room located in the
> basement of the building from flooding. We also have
> our UPS's also located in this room.
> This area do not have a history of flooding, by
> iscenarioario of a water pipe bursting it could flood
> the room, what are the ways to minimize the impact of
> this incident.
> Thanks in advance
> Beenu
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