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RE: [datacenter] Datacenter risk analysis

Try these, Martin;

1. Assuming you are going to have some sort of standby generation backup,
what would be the availability of replenishment fuel during any number of
contingency scenarios, from bad to worst case?  Are preferential agreements
available in your area with suppliers that would put you in line right up
there with hospitals, police, fire, etc.?  If you can't get guarantees, you
might need to up your fuels storage situation, which, of course, brings in
other issues that may be necessary to consider.  Have you executed these
agreements yet?
2. For your generation deployment, have you or are you going to take care of
the noise issues?  Around the areas most likely to see a datacenter, the
noise criteria is usually quite restrictive and needs considerable
acoustical engineering to address properly.  Makes for good neighbors ...
3. What is your proximity to political targets?  How about vandalism issues
in the area you are in or are considering?
4. What is your fire water primary and backup situation look like?  Can you
place storage on your site?  Will it suffice for the nominal 72 hour window
for most contingencies?
5. If you are on the ground floor or any lower level of a multi-story
building, have you as nearly as practicable sealed off your floor from the
upper floors so that a water release above will not flood you out?
6. Does your security plan fit the building you are in?
7. Have you met with local responding police, fire and other like emergency
services personnel so that they are aware of your criticality?
8. Does your telecom trunk provider have or offer some sort of preferential
tiering to your operation so that you are the last to be cut off instead of
the first in an emergency?
9. What is your proximity to transmission or high power delivery
distribution power lines?  Have you the means and/or methods to mitigate the
potential fields generated near such lines?

Just a start, of course.

Best regards,

Daniel J. Lawrence, P.E.
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Subject: [datacenter] Datacenter risk analysis

I'm conducting a data center risk analysis and I've identified
some areas that should be considered:

 Quake Zone
 Slide Zone
 Flood Zone
 Hurricane Zone
 Tornado Zone
 Utilities placement inside/outside plant
 Area companies <oil, chemical, etc.>
 Proverbial truck hitting telephone pole issues

Can anyone thing of any other areas that would be significant enough
to analyze?


Martin Hannigan                 [email protected]
Boston, MA                      http://www.fugawi.net

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