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[datacenter] restricted access to datacenter

We have a small datacenter equipped with a badge reader on the door.  In
event of a power failure, the bolt remains in the locked position.  Because
of that, several people have keys that will turn the bolt and allow entry.

To document who is opening the door, we'd like to remove key access and
force the use of the badge reader.  The problem with this approach is any
core used at our facility is accessible by certain groups (Security,
Facilities).  There is also a chance that the core could be used elsewhere
in the building but not advertised.

So, the point of this long winded intro is to ask what is available on the
market that would satisfy the need to limit access via combination or key
but promote the use of badge entry?  Is there a preferred manufacturer and
what is a typical cost range for a basic system?

Thanks in advance

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