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[datacenter] New to list

Now that I have taken a moment for orientation, I have received some
previous posts.  I am seeking information specific to supporting a medium
corporate datacenter with RISC and Intel platform systems.  Our current
configuration is basic raised floor, Leibert UPS/air and deisel generator
with a final floorspace of approcimately 2000 sq feet.

So I am interested in structured cabling for power and data (power in the
floor, data suspended to patch panels), management of wiring in high density
areas such as 2u and 4u systems in racks, standards in location of
demarcation (in or away from the datacenter), fire supression etc.  I
believe this is basic but we have not formed a team to evaluate and
implement at this point.

Again, thanks for any direction you can send my way.

David Day

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