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Re: [datacenter] AC settings

At 09:55 PM 6/28/2002 -0700, George William Herbert wrote:

>We have experienced the odd freeze up situation but only as a result of a
>broken Lieberts unit, or the other instance is when a tech propped the
>datacenter door open and the chiller was trying to cool the whole [4
>stories] building.

I've got a customer whose converted office space server room
has had 3 catastrophic failures in the last 3 weeks, due to
some stupid misconfiguration and broken regulator thingie.

Speaking of which... since APC's PowerChute for real platforms
(Solaris, Linux, HP/UX, etc) doesn't have the capability yet
to shut them down on thermal sensor overlimit conditions,
does anyone have suggestions for software to help bring
things down?  I've got a baling wire and duct tape solution
with a Win2K box almost working, but I'm curious what other
people use to handle overtemp room system shutdowns.

-george william herbert

I know if you can write code, a lot of systems have snmp'd sensors that you can
graph and react via MRTG. I haven't done this, but I've read it here, IIRC.


Martin Hannigan                    [email protected]

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