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Re: [datacenter] punchdown vs. modular jack termination

On Thu, Jul 25, 2002 at 10:54:59AM -0700, John White wrote:
> Does anyone have any strong feelings about terminating cable
> runs in modular plugs instead of a punchdown block?  I've 
> been thinking very seriously about migrating my patch panel
> from punchdown to modular jack (I use the Panduit system), 
> and was wondering if there's some reason not to...

I've worked in a couple of datacenters that used 110-block fields
for doing cross-connects. One of the datacenters used cables with
110-plugs on them, and the other just used 2-pr or 4-pr cat5
cross-connect cable that was punched down.

Both methods have a couple of big advantages:

* much higer density than rj45 (if you go into a telco CO, I
  don't think you'll find them doing cross-connects with RJ45 cables)

* it keeps the average person away, since most people have no
  idea what it is (especially if you're using cable that must
  be punched down)

IMHO, the 110 cables with 110 connectors on them can be knocked
off too easily, so RJ-45 has an advantage there. 

If you haven't seen the 110 connectorized cables, you can see
them at: http://www.smoe.org/jeffw/gallery/14/img_0318.jpg


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