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RE: [datacenter] Flextray cable management

At 04:46 PM 7/1/2002 -0500, Day, David wrote:
from Martin Hannigan
>Is it more expensive than traditional
I don't have the cable density to justify ladder.  Only 300 Cat5 cables
running from the main trunk and 50 fibre runs.  I'm still waiting on pricing
on the Flextray.

Here's how *I* usually do it:

3 tiers of tray. Seperation depends on ceiling heights based on single lowest
obstruction in entire space.

1st tier, DC power. Second tier, signal. Third tier, optical CABLE, fiber guide, strands,
patch cables, singles, whatever you call them.

Originally I was going to run cable runways above the ceiling tiles but
there is so much "facilities" in the plenum this is not reasonable.  Under
floor only gives me 10" from concrete to floor supports and we have some
Panduit metal casing for power distribution.

With a seven foot enclosure, I have fifteen inches between the top of the
enclosure and the ceiling tile.  Using two inch deep trays, I could leave
enough space between the tile and tray to work with cable and leave
clearance between the row of enclosures.  I like this idea better than in
the plenum above the tiles or below the floor.

Thanks for the feedback.

Based on your above, I personally think you'd get much more "installablity" and flexibility with 12" ladder under floor, two tier, seperated at least 4". One AC power, one signal. If you are planning on running fiber under floor, I strongly
reccommend some other solution such as 1x1 fiber guide slung off the
under floor, if possible.

With that seperation, and a "pan" in signal tray, you ought not to have any
signal interference as long as you don't run tip/ring off the spare pairs in an
ethernet cable.


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