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RE: [datacenter] Seal the room for clean agent fire suppression

On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Day, David wrote:

> > 	in my limited experience, sealing the room is worth the
> > 	effort/expense.  sealing a dropped ceiling is kind of like
> > 	sealing a raised floor.  Do it as asecondary containment
> > 	perimiter.
> >>	I may be misunderstanding, but when I tested with ceiling
> >>	tiles not sealed, the tiles just blew off and opened the
> >>	space to the rest of the facility
> Right.  So my option is to go sheetrock to the deck above creating a seal,
> or leave the plenum above the datacenter open and install heavy sealed
> ceiling tiles.  If installed properly both options should provide the
> required pressure for ten minutes that we need.  My concern has to do with
> the negative feedback from using sealed tiles.
> Thanks for the feedback.  We need to make a decision quickly so any
> experience/opinion is appreciated.
> David

In my case, I had positive pressure in the room. That was a contributing
factor to my ceiling tiles blowing off. The added gas expanded the room
with nowhere to go except up and out. I believe the gas is heavier
than the air hence the air pushing up.

What does the manufacturer of the system sales < forget the sales

Can you get the colo provider to pay some of the cost calling it
a building upgrade for the duration of the contract?

Good luck!

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