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Re: [datacenter] real life power requirements

Usually a manufacture can provide information on cold-start and nominal power usage from its engineering group, you probably won't find it on web sites (I haven't checked cisco), but I have been successful in getting that kind of information from most manufactures via the sales rep (so far I have done this with cisco, avaya, compaq, lucent, sun and a few others).
Most of a time a box will pull a faction of the current spec'd at
nominal conditions, and especially depending on the cards and processor
loads. Most of the time you can get a matrix that includes the draw for
most cards, etc...
On Wednesday, December 4, 2002, at 03:30  PM, Chris M wrote:

I am trying to budget power for a colo situation where we'll be locating a lot of gear. Most of it is Cisco stuff.
I tried to figure out a bit from Cisco's web site what the gear will
use. What I need to do is get within 5A, but since I pay for each 5A
increment, I don't want to have them put in more than I need.
So I'm looking for real world ideas of how to budget the power instead
of just going off the spec sheet. For example, a 7206VXR with dual AC
supplies (370W each) is rated to pull no more than 5A input current,
but summing that together is 10A or current. And I have a real hard
time believing that box will ever pull that much.
There must be some sensible derating factor/guesstimate to use knowing
things like I don't have the chassis full of cards, etc.
Any ideas?


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